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10 reasons to love canned fish ♥

10 reasons to love canned fish:

1. It is delicious. Canned fish is a true delicacy.
2. No cooking required. You can eat them straight from the can.
3. It is healthy. Canned fish contain lots of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Plus, the bones in the sardines are a great source of calcium.
4. It is convenient. Bring them with you to the picnic, sailing trip or to a dinner with friends. The cans will survive in almost any weather. Just keep them away from extreme heat and extreme cold.
5. They last forever. Are you tired of throwing away groceries because they expired? Our cans last for 5 years so don’t worry about expiry dates.
6. They are easy to store. No need to store them in the fridge, room temperature is fine!
7. Endless of delicious recipes. Salads, tempura, pizza and much more.
8. Perfect for sharing. Having friends over for dinner? Why don’t make delicious tapas or serve directly from the cans!
9. They are affordable. 22,30€ for 5 sardine cans (including shipping within Europe).
10.  The variety. If you are new to canned fish, it might be hard to choose. Aren’t they almost the same? The answer is no, they are actually very different. We suggest you to get one of our packs, maybe the Dinner pack with recipes included, to try different types of canned fish. We guarantee that you will enjoy it