Trendy cans – canned food restaurants around the world

Trendy cans

Canned food restaurants around the world

Restaurants only serving canned food? Yes, it is happening! It is a trend in the restaurant industry to serve canned food directly from the can. The most common is to include it as a starter on the menu, or serve it as an appetizer with bread, but some have taken it to a whole new level and serves only canned food. We think, of course, that this is a great trend. It is one more proof that canned food is a real delicacy.

Canned food restaurants around the world:

  1. 1. Mr. Kanso in Japan - a classic canned food restaurant which has been around for a while (2002) and now has 17 franchises all around over Japan -
  2. 2. Can the can in Lisbon -
  3. 3. Tincan London - a pop-up restaurant in London where the owners got their inspiration to open a canned food restaurant after a trip to Lisbon -
  4. 4. Quimet & Quimet - an iconic tapas bar in Barcelona that serves tapas with ingredients from cans -
  5. 5. Sol e Pesca in Lisbon -