Wine Pair EN

Canned Fish & Wine

Delicious food requires delicious wine. That is why we want to give you wine pairing suggestions to our canned fish.

  • Sardines (in olive oil, with lemon, in oil): To cut through the rich, fatty sardines, try a high-acid white wine. Our recommendation is a Portuguese Vinho Verde, which is a young and fresh wine. Similar wines like Albariño, Muscadet and crisp Sauvignon blancs are also good parings.
  • Tomato Sardines (in tomato, in spicy tomato): The tomato sauce is acid and umami in nature, which makes a dry rosé wine a good match. A white wine which is low in tannin but relatively high in acidity also works
  • Spicy Sardines (in spicy olive oil, in spicy tomato, in spicy oil): To balance the chili, an aromatic white wine with a hint of sweetness is a good choice. We recommend Gewürztraminer, which is a slightly sweet white. Muscat Blanc or a semi-sweet Riesling also works well.
  • Tuna fillets (all flavours) & Mackerel Fillets: Our tuna and mackerel cans can take on slightly bolder wines. Break the rule of always matching fish with white wine and try a light-bodied red wine. We recommend a Beaujolais or Pinot noir.  A dry rosé is also a good paring.