Canned Fish

The most delicious canned fish come from Portugal and Formosa Gourmet has selected the best ones. Portugal has a long history of preserving fish, with Europe’s oldest cannery from 1853. The country has one of the highest fish consumption per capita, and after trying our canned fish, you will understand why. Tinned fish is not only healthy (they are rich in protein, calcium and omega-3), but also very tasty. It is a true delicacy and a must try for all gourmet lovers.

We offer a wide range of canned fish, from classic sardines in olive oil to more unique combinations such as tuna fillets with algae. We also offer skinn- and boneless sardines and mackerel fillets for those who who don't want to eat the skinn and the bones.

All our canned fish products are made with freshly caught fish. They are produced using the artisanal method where the fish is placed by hand one by one into the can, resulting in a product with superior quality. The cans are wrapped by hand in our iconic recycled paper.