Can you eat the bonnes in canned sardines?

Yes, absolutely! And the bones are a great source of calcium. Most people actually do eat the bones, but it is of course up to you do as wish. If you really don’t want to eat the bones we suggest that you simply take them out or that you buy our skinnless and boneless sardines.

Can you cook sardines in the can?

Yes. Although it is not the most common way to eat them, we have seen some examples where the cans are heated in the oven.

Do you have to cook canned fish before serving?

No, all our fish cans are ready to eat, directly from can if you want!

How to cook canned sardines?

It’s not necessary to cook the sardines, but if you wish there are plenty of ways – fry them or put them on the pizza or as tapas!

How to store cans?

All our cans (except the achovy can which needs to be stored in the fridge) can be stored in a dry and cool place, for example in the pantry

How long does the can last after opening?

We recommend that you eat the can the same day as you open it, but if you keep it covered in the fridge, they will last for a few days.

Can I eat sardines directly from the can?

Of course! The cans are perfect to bring on a picknick or sailing trip. Or why not serve it directly from the can at the table as they do in many restaurants?

What is cured tuna (Muxama de atum)?

Cured tuna, called Muxama the Atum in Portuguese, was created over 2000 years ago when the Romans passed the Algarve in Portugal. This unique product, also known as the “Prosciutto from the Sea””, is made from the best tuna fillets, dried and salted with sea salt. The Arabs developed this salt curing technique and the term muxama comes from the Arab word musama which means “dry”.

How to cook cured tuna (Muxama de atum)?

For the best taste experience, cut it into thin slices and serve it unseasoned or with our unfiltered olive oil. A perfect combination! It is also delicious on top of pasta or salads.

How to store cured tuna (Muxama de atum)?

Store in refrigerator temperature (5-10 ° C). Avoid storing in an open package in which the product comes into contact with air. After the vacuum packaging is opened, store in a tightly sealed in plastic wrap or in olive oil. After the vacuum packaging is unsealed, store it in tightly sealed plastic wrap or in olive oil.

How healthy is cured tuna (muxama de atum)?

Cured tuna is a healthy alternative to other cured meats, because it it contains more protein and less fat.

What does “unfiltered” olive oil mean?

Our olive oil is unfiltered, which means that once the olive oil is extracted from the olives it is not processed any further. By not filtering the remaining natural particles of fruit, the result is an excellent olive oil that keeps its full, natural rich flavour and nutrients. An unfiltered olive oil is more cloudy than a filtered and the remaining fruit parts can create sediments, which is normal and nothing to worry about.

What are the benefits of unfiltered olive oil?

The flavour! When an olive oil is filtered, some of the character and flavour disappears. An unfiltered olive oil has a more intense and better flavour.